Custom Cover Designers SECRETS.

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  1. HalfBreed

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    Ok, Im not sure if custom covers designers would like to tell but i thought id post anyway.

    What additional plugins do you have and use to build your covers? im talking about extra one's that you add to the programme after its been install

    These would be Filters, actions, scripts and any others that i might have missed

    Also how do scripts work and were would i find the best ones.

    Cheers :icon_smil
  2. zantasha

    zantasha Freshman Master Designer

    not that i use all of 'em all th time..but these plugins come handy from time to time.
    1. Alien Skin's all plugins (including Exposure,Blowup, Impact, Nature, Image Doctor etc)
    2. Lucisart
    3. KPT plugins (or Kai's Power tool)
    4. OneonOne photoframe
    5. Noise Ninja
    6. Kodak Photo Editor
    7. Nik Color Efex Pro V2.007

    Plus I've got thousands of UHQ brushes ;)
    PS: Scripts and actions don't do any any good in the covers IMO. all you need is good plugins, brushes and font collection
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