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    When you post a thread in this category, please look up the movie on IMDB--or, use the movie search feature that's above the post buttons to find the movie you're posting about.

    The movie search will take a few seconds to return data, as it's going out and querying an API for details. It will return some results, click on the movie you're going to post. It will then place, in the box, " The Movie Title (tt0000000) " --copy the text in the movie box, and then, below what you're writing about the movie, put it in:
    [IMDB]Classic Christmas Favorites Disc 1 (tt0000000)[/IMDB]
    If you already have the movie ID via an IMDB url, you can just put that in parenthesis inside the IMDB bbcode --but without the space after the IMDB tag --I couldn't get it to not render even inside the code tag :)
    [IMDB ](tt0000000)[/IMDB]
    If you have any questions or have problems, please post in here.
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