Covers for discs that don't exist

Discussion in 'Site Surveys' started by ApolloOne, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. deathstargame713

    deathstargame713 Sophomore Member

    I myself do create a lot of hard to get covers such as "The best of 3D" and "Nickelback live at sturgis 2006" on bluray but i do also occasionally make covers for up and coming movie such as I just uploaded disneys planes, because as mentioned above some people do like to have covers before the movie is actually released and I do keep the covers very basic in terms of specs to what I know and i dont usually include special features unless there has been an anouncement. it sure beats the hell out of the covers being released nowadays there is just more and more text and logos and they look so cluttered on your shelf when you are trying to read the titles.
  2. hae

    hae Member Member

    sometimes the custom covers are so much better than the official ones. i have 0 problems with them.
  3. curl2006

    curl2006 Member Member

    I like the covers without the bonus information. If a cover is good enough, I'll get it and sit on it.
  4. johnstewart51

    johnstewart51 New Member

    I'd love to see Let It Be released
  5. drsrin

    drsrin Member Member

    Customs are really helpful incase a retail never shows up. Some of them are close to the retail content also.
  6. vensblue

    vensblue Member Member

    I like the old Tv stuff and make up dvds of shows that you can't buy or get this is from PVR recording or what ever I can get, shows like A Man Called Hawk, A Man Called Sloane, Complete Mrs Columbo, The Immortal (1969 Version)
    and more recent would be Cold Case ect
    and you just can't get labels or covers so this site is excellent for filling in those gaps and a requests section :)
  7. dlewi2

    dlewi2 Member Restricted

    I totally agree with this, especially speculations about bonus features that don't exist. While I'm grateful to get a nice-looking cover that I like, it takes a lot of time to edit out these details without ruining the design. If the artist feels this makes the cover look more professional or legit, how about including a second version without the made-up details?
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