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Discussion in 'Site Surveys' started by ApolloOne, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. ApolloOne

    ApolloOne Site Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    I'm just curious to see how other people feel about this...

    I keep running across BD or DVD covers that people are making for titles that won't be released for months, or may never be released. Many such covers include information about the types of video and audio tracks, or what bonus features are included, all of which are just shots in the dark because there's no way to know any of that.

    Is there any point to it? What do you guys think?
  2. HD Goofnut

    HD Goofnut Member Member

    I was wondering this as well. I noticed BD covers for A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More and they haven't even been announced.
  3. RickT

    RickT R1DB Lifer

    it makes sense in the aspect that one could consider it practice for creating covers. the cover for For a Few Dollars More has been downloaded 10 times... i guess someone likes the work.
    i don't see a problem with it... i guess we all do things that are a tad odd to others in one way or another...
  4. Hailstorm

    Hailstorm The Sarge Staff Member Site Staff

    Leon's trilogy does release on June 1st 2010 in Blu-ray
  5. Complete

    Complete New Member Member

  6. stanklanker

    stanklanker New Member Member

    I think that it depends

    I just recently created a cover for Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story which I purchased from a local used dvd store (for $1 in a CD jewel case). That particular documentary only comes in the William Castle box set and therefore there is no real DVD cover art for it. I've had to do this for a few different titles but it is rare.
  7. tmscrapbook

    tmscrapbook Freshman Designer

    I don't see it as a problem. The downloader can always wait until a title is released and then decide if the cover will work for them.
  8. ctaulbee

    ctaulbee Demigod Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    Me personally, I would rather see the cover without a huge amount of bogus info, I'm not saying don't do the cover, just keep it basic and don't put a huge batch of made up specs and special features on there.

    It's kind of like doing a collection cover, in some cases the studios, actors, directors, etc may be different, dvd specs different, so unless you do a spec box for each movie it's tough to get right, I think it's better to stick to the basics, or only include things each movie in the collection has in common, JMHO.
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  9. Dakken

    Dakken New Member Member

    I sometimes get covers for movies that haven't been release to use them as a place holder for films that I plan to buy on DVD once they are released. I had a DVD cover for Star Wars Episode III: Rise of the Empire (which was created before the official title of the film was released). I like having that kind of cover to show what I feel I need to complete my collection.
  10. edson3019

    edson3019 Guest

    yes, its very good!
  11. Fejinwales

    Fejinwales Member Designer

    I do it often, in fact I just made some including one for Mission Impossible 1,2,3 and 4 which is released in cinemas this month. Made a DVD cover and Blu-ray cover and they bare being downloaded.

    However I do not put on any extras information, language info etc.. and I use the previous releases as a guide to the technical details, aspect ratio, audio.

    I made a set of ridiculously popular 'The Pacific' covers while they were being premièred on Sky. In the end I was asked to make something like 7 different versions of these (DVD & BD) for people who were recording them and for those who bought them when they were released I made them all with and without the extras info, they have been collectively been downloaded over 500 times, most of which was before the official release.

    I'm not sure how others do these but I will never put something on the cover that I cannot know about such as subtitles, run times and language info as it causes problems later with re-edits.
    There is in fact a cover on here I made, 'BBC Frozen Planet' which was made ahead of the DVD release for those people who were recording it, and it has proved very popular on other sites and has been downloaded here as well. This actually has a space for the extras information so I will be updating mine soon and sharing that as well.
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  12. butterslybutts

    butterslybutts Member Member

    Howdy, Guys!
    I collect movies that haven't been released and may never be released or just plain hard-to-find. Some are 'made for TV' movies that no one is interested in releasing, some are 'public domain' releases from some obscure country or some have been transferred from Beta, VHS or laserdisc or 16mm etc. Some, like classic Dr.Who reconstructions are merely audio soundtracks with accompanying telesnaps etc. If I value the film, I like to have a cover to keep it in and pass on as gifts for like minded people. I tend not to include too many 'spec' details as I probably dont know them or they don't seem important. I appreciate that the site is FULL of fantastic covers, from first viewing, clearly superior to official releases.
    My question is...would the covers that I'm after or have compiled be frowned upon here as not being proffesional enough? Are those interested in this site interested in the rarer things or is the site more of an 'artwork expertise' site?
    Sorry for being so dumb!
  13. DannyD0695

    DannyD0695 New Member Member

    Well i dont think its a very good idea, you'll probably get a lot of the info wrong on the covers
  14. decade21

    decade21 Member Member

    I like the "preview" covers from an artwork perspective, but I won't download anything until the movie has been released. I have a wall of movies, and am always interested in interesting or better cover art, however, I won't display an empty giving the illusion that something is there.
  15. Ofy1993

    Ofy1993 Member Member

    I actually like it. I can use covers to make my own CD Boxes even when the dvd's are not going to be released in my country
  16. pykejoe

    pykejoe Member Member

    I use standard info, and sometimes i've used simple stuff like scene selections etc. I love seeing covers,etc for stuff that hasn't been released on retail yet. it helps to bring life to old vhs transfers or stuff that was downloaded off the net.
  17. Mihael Keehl

    Mihael Keehl New Member Member

    I'm attempting to recreate DVD covers for DVDs that have been broken, damaged over time.
  18. ryan2288

    ryan2288 Member Member

    I've made and also downloaded covers for movies that have yet to come out. My thinking is that at least I have some art for the box and not just a blank dvd sleeve. Like for All The Boys Love Many Lane; that movie came out years ago... just not with proper region 1 artwork. So, I have a custom one. Looks pretty nice on my the shelf it's on.
  19. kingmyo1o

    kingmyo1o New Member Member

    no matter to me

    i like that people make covers for films that are not out yet and i think its upto them if they want to and most of the time they look ten times better than the original one when it does come out.
  20. chazz

    chazz Member Member

    I collect TV series and movies and many times a cover or label is not available, yet or anywhere, so I end up making something for my own use. I figure that if I cannot find it, than others are probibly in the same boat and might appreciate my work. My style is to make a simple cover or label and not try to make it look to commercial, therby, the final legals and info is not all that important to me.
    Better something than nothing.
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