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  1. JWFAN

    JWFAN Member Member Restricted

    I can't seem to get an answer on how to print DVD cover artwork without the R1DB logo written across the page. It is obvious that I have a lack of experience in this field, but I'd like to learn how this website works. Someone please help!!! Thank you kindly!
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  2. ctaulbee

    ctaulbee Demigod Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    I can say one thing, you don't read well, like the sticky at the top of this section, where you have posted several new threads now, you know the one that says:
    !!! Attention new members !!! Read this post first !!! This is not optional !!!
    and then about mid way down that short post where it says "only one thread in this section per user".

    ... or the one in this short section, linked from the above "required" reading post on:
    Basic Forum Etiquette
    that says post your questions in the appropriate forum section, #5 of only five items I think.

    Now I for one tend to ignore people ,who don't take the time to read the basic site guidelines/rules -- then have the nerve to post questions -- valid or not -- just anywhere they please and further expect everyone to accommodate them whether they follow the guidelines/rules or not...

    Asking about downloads in the introductions forum is about a far off topic as you can get, you may not like this answer but you would like it even less if I gave you warnings for each post you have made in here that should not have been.

    I removed some of them thinking you would take the hint, guess not, so let me be more direct "this needs to be your last new thread in the intro section" and a little free advice read the guidelines/rules 'before' you post again...

    I'm going to answer your question with a link as it's a "Frequently Asked Question" and it's in the first place you should have looked "before" asking at all the FAQ section.

    And I'm moving this from the intros forum since it does not belong there.
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