Clerks II

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews' started by jeppejeppa, Jul 29, 2006.

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  1. jeppejeppa

    jeppejeppa New Member Member

    You might have to already be a Kevin Smith fan to truly appreciate the sophomoric humor in his latest comedy, but it's amusing to muse about his internet fanboys who'll be pissing their pants laughing at certain scenes unaware that they're just as much the targets of the mocking. Only time will tell whether this keeps Smith's View Askewniverse alive, but it's nice to see Smith's creative juices flowing again by producing something that mixes the best of the old with a perspective that's most assuredly new.
  2. cgtb

    cgtb Member Member

    So, did you like it?
    I thought it was good, but still feel Jay and Silent Bob strikes back was the better way to end the View Askew Universe.
    Time will tell if or when we shall see jay and Silent Bob again. Probably.
    I don't think Kevin has any new movie lined up after this.
  3. teatime

    teatime Guest

    does it top the first one? thats what i want to know, if it doesn't i think making a sequel to clerks is kinda sacreligous unless you have put A LOT of time into it
  4. CaptainTrips

    CaptainTrips New Member Member

    I would say it doesn't top the original, only for the fact that the first was so new and raw and "original" at the time...this is a pretty good follow up however. My only complaint with all Kevin Smith films is I think he is a terrible writer. There is some definite pushing of the envelope as far as bad taste go in this one...which I liked, however some may be turned off...
  5. casualimp

    casualimp New Member Member

    That's an understatement. *shudders* donkey.
  6. miketardis

    miketardis Sophomore Member

    If JAY & SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK was Kevin Smith's CANNONBALL RUN, this is his STROKER ACE. It isn't terrible like STROKER ACE, but it's one of the most self-indulgent films I've seen recently and exists only to give Smith and his friends a good time. I don't really believe we needed to see more of Dante and Randall and Jay and Silent Bob, but here they are, in color this time.
    Thirtysomething slackers Dante (Brian O'Halloran) and Randall (Jeff Anderson) now work at a fast-food joint called Mooby's, a year after their beloved Quik Stop burned to the ground as a result of Randall leaving the damn coffee pot turned on again. It's Dante's last day; he leaves the following morning with his fiance Emma (Smith's wife Jennifer Schwalbach) for Florida, where her father plans to set Dante up managing a car wash. Although Dante manages to cover up whatever anxiety he may have about starting a new life without best buddy Randall, he isn't so successful breaking away from his boss Becky (Rosario Dawson), for whom he has feelings.
    If nothing else, CLERKS II brings man-on-donkey sex into the mainstream, so I guess it's good for something. O'Halloran, Anderson and Smith and Jason Mewes still aren't charismatic enough to carry a feature, but Dawson is. She's so bright and energetic and natural and beautiful that she almost makes you believe that she could fall in love with Dante. Almost. Although I still don't believe she'd be managing a fast-food place.
    CLERKS II is better than JERSEY GIRL, but no higher in Smith's repertoire, and it certainly isn't even as funny as the CLERKS TV series, an animated sitcom that ABC bitchslapped, mishandled and cancelled after only two telecasts. All six produced shows are on DVD and are worth owning.
    JERSEY GIRL is the only Smith film I downright hate. For what it's worth, my Smith Scale looks like this:

    1. DOGMA
    1.5 CLERKS (TV)
    2. CLERKS
    5. CHASING AMY (I think I need to see it again)
    6. CLERKS II

    AN EVENING WITH KEVIN SMITH is funnier than all of them.
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