Can anyone recommend a good printer for CDs and DVD/B-Ray printable media?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by samsmoore, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. samsmoore

    samsmoore Member Member

    My Epson R200 is a pain to get to work with Windows 7, but it's otherwise been reliable and ink has been reasonable. I'd like to get something newer that's a little more plug and play. Are there other good printers out there? Printing on media is not a feature I am seeing when I read through features. Any input appreciated.
  2. vensblue

    vensblue Member Member

    I Have a Canon MX926 and it works ok wireless connection via the modem/router and quality not to bad.
    can also get refilled none generic cartridges for it.
  3. CraigWally

    CraigWally Member Member

    Similarly I have a Canon MX925, Disc printing is excellent.
    It's an" all in one" so prints/scans/faxes/copies
  4. tkboxer

    tkboxer Member Designer

    Epson Expression Premium XP-610
    I picked up one of these a few weeks back because I got such a good deal on it.
    It is for someone that wants a small footprint all-in-one unit and doesn't need to do a lot of printing.
    It does everything but fax. It works well through wi-fi or USB or both. It does two-sided printing but does not have a auto-doc feeder.
    It has a small paper input tray (100 sheets I think) and you must slide out the paper output tray in order to print.
    The quality of the printing is very good. Disc printing is high quality but the procedure to disc print is clumsy until you do it a few times.
    It will also do mobile or cloud printing. Generic ink is available (LD Products).
    I have been pleased with this so far. A newer model, the 620 (I don't see a difference) was released so the 610 is being phased out.
    Epson has it for $60. A good choice if you don't print a lot, have limited space and a tight budget.
  5. Jasontsr

    Jasontsr Member Member Restricted

    I have used an Epson RX-810 (old) worked great.

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