Bullet To The Head

Discussion in 'Movie Reviews' started by Buddy A Belew, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. Buddy A Belew

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    Saw this the other day and loved it. Stallone plays a hit-man, James Bonomo, and after doing a job, he and his partner get stiffed by the guy that hired them resulting in the partner getting killed. Bonomo sets out to get revenge and in the process teams up with a cop from D.C. sent to investigate the death of a crooked cop, in which Bonomo and partner was hired to kill. It's a pretty good story, and if you like violent revenge flicks, this is one you should watch. :D
  2. tkboxer

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    I saw this movie when it was in the theater. One of Stallone's better recent films. Good story and characters. Love his line "I just did!"
  3. KainScion

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    Good movie
  4. pykejoe

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    This reboot was actually fantastic, it wasn't a direct copy of the original which made it nice and different and ti was way better than most of the tv series they made
  5. pykejoe

    pykejoe Member Member

    fantastic movie

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