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Discussion in 'High Def and Theater talk' started by Biodom, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Biodom

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    I have a problem...I'm trying to find good Blu-ray case...but it's hard to find...

    What I'm looking for is a spine of 11mm, and the embored blu-ray logo...A bonus would be the little plastic that can close the box...Well, I'm looking for the same as the retail blu-ray disc...

    The amaray are nearly perfect, but they are 14mm spine...So if you know where to find perfect blu-ray case...tell me please


    P.S: Sorry for my bad english, my mother language is french...
  2. slagboyz

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    Try here......

    I took away the (www) as i am pretty sure i cant do direct links...

    They also deliver to Europe....

    I get discount at APR also!!!
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  3. zemob

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    I get mine from Ketta ( in England. They are 11mm. They don't have te plastic thingy to close the case, but quality is good.
  4. Biodom

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  5. buckwitit

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    I just picked up 100 Blu-ray covers from for $39.00 including shipping and handling. Very pleased with the order and the product. Exactly the same as in the store. Blu case with the Bu-ray logo.
  6. philosophy101

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    I just bought 10 cases on ebay, I havent received them yet, will let you know when they arrived. He claims that this is the same one like the studio use, so we will see
  7. invisigoth

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  8. Blu-Gray

    Blu-Gray Guest

    I couldn't find the offer on the web site. How did you find it?
  9. rickssg

    rickssg Freshman Designer

    I bought some from US plastic. It has the little plastic tab that can close the box (but can also be folded in and out of the way). It has the high-relief blu-ray logo with a silver-colored coating on it. I'm not sure of the spine thickness, but it's the same as the commercial blu-ray cases that came with my movies. Just watch the shipping charges. For me (in Colorado), ground shipping on 8 cases is $4.48, while ground shipping on 7 cases is $8.23. So, you know, I ordered 8 cases. The link is here:
  10. Hailstorm

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    I order my Blu-ray cases from, they are the exact same as the single disc cases that the movies come in.

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