Best example of Blu Ray?

Discussion in 'High Def and Theater talk' started by themighty, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. themighty

    themighty New Member Member

    What Blu Ray film do you guys thinks is the best example of the format? Blade Runner looked fantastic.
  2. Irrob

    Irrob Freshman Member

    I, Robot is my go-to reference disc...for now. But you cant go wrong with any Pixar title. Look out for new Blu-ray releases later in the year (TDK, Iron Man, Speed Racer, Indy, Matrix, Godfather, Wall-E etc.)
  3. jayhawk

    jayhawk Administrator Staff Member

    3:10 to yuma -- PQ AQ is stunning, 7.1 is excellent. The gatling (sp) gun scene is awesome. :)
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  4. the_legend

    the_legend Member Member

    I'm going to have to go with Jayhawk on this one: 3:10 to Yuma looks fantastic, and that gatling gun scene! DAMN! Also, Pixar ones are great as well, and I have heard Casino Royale looks quite great too, although I have yet to watch it myself.
  5. master_shake

    master_shake New Member Member

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned BATMAN BEGINS a Blu-Ray critic put it best that the HD presentation gives off a majestic 3-Dimensional "picture window" effect. I, ROBOT is a BD that has this awesome effect as well. Plus the audio on these titles was so rich and boom-bastic that I almost cremed in my pants.

    Other must own recommendations include
    3: 10 to YUMA
    KILL BILL VOL. 1 & 2
    Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN
  6. philosophy101

    philosophy101 New Member Member

    I ROBOT on Blu, Matrix on (RED) HD DVD
  7. AK Slash

    AK Slash New Member Member

    Can't go wrong with any of those titles. I'd add Die Hard 4.0 though; the DTS HD MA on that is stunning!! Probably my most watched blu ray to date.
    POTC Curse of the Black Pearl is another good one PQ and AQ wise.
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  8. enrage13

    enrage13 New Member Member

    what kind of HD tv's do you have?
  9. master_shake

    master_shake New Member Member

    I own a 52 inch Sharp Aquos LCD, as well as a Samsung BDP-5000 Dual-format HD player. I just ordered a Pioneer 130-watt HD Receiver from Best Buy earlier today, it's set to arrive by Thursday.

    I'd agree with your choice of DIE HARD 4 (which here in the states is called LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD) unfortunatley, the current US region Blu-Ray of DIE HARD 4 only includes the PG-13 theatrical cut, despite the fact that the DVD version contained both the Unrated (i.e. R-Rated) and PG-13 Domestic Theatrical cuts via seamless branching.

    Some other Blu-Rays that I've seen recently that I was blown away by include.

    Both the 2003 and 2008 HULK movies
    Both X-FILES movies

    I hear that the DARK KNIGHT Blu-Ray is going to show the IMAX version of the film by opening up the widescreen framing from 2.35:1 to 1.78:1 throughout the feature. I'm most curious to see how this plays out on my HDTV.
  10. AK Slash

    AK Slash New Member Member

    Got that today, the scenes shot in IMAX are shown on the blu-ray in 1.78:1 the scenes that aren't are shown in 2.35:1. Its kinda weird when watching to have black bars then the next scene, none and repeat. :)
    Looks awesome though. Dolby TrueHD audio track kicks some ass too, very powerful LFE at times. Very impressed with it :)

    I want Tropic Thunder on blu-ray, not out over here yet though :(
  11. gbk33

    gbk33 Site Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    not a big fan of the movie, but Speed Racer looks amazing!
  12. master_shake

    master_shake New Member Member

    I would"ve recomended SPEED RACER had it also featured Hi-Def audio. Unfortunatley it's only standard Dolby Digital. It's a lame bias that Warner Bros. doesn't feel the need to put HD audio tracks on comedies or kid flicks (which SPEED RACER is unfairly considered, being rated PG):( Some additional cases-in-point include GET SMART and FRED CLAUS. The same can also be said for it's offensive lack of behind the scenes supplements and interactive PiP features. :screwy:

    However, some other Blu-Rays that I can easily recommend include:

    JOHN RAMBO (the most recent one)
    I AM LEGEND (3-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition)
  13. thejpq

    thejpq Member Member

    Jaws was a pretty good blu release
  14. gingeee85

    gingeee85 Member Member

    any film in imax, like the dark knight rises or transformers dark of the moon
  15. NRLFAN

    NRLFAN Member Member

    I would say that my fav blu-rays would be

    The Dark Knight - The Imax scenes are stunning but when they switch to 70mm the pq is still excellent but noticably less detailed than the imax scenes.

    I-Robot - Excellent disc indeed PQ & AQ

    Cars - The reflections and metallic paint of Lightning mcqueen is outstanding as most pixar movies are as already stated.

    Avengers - Great picture in 3D (slightly dark at start of movie) but amazing after this point.

    Quantum of Solace - Opening scene is a absolute kickass sountrack for your sound system, picture quality is excellent throughout movie.
  16. NRLFAN

    NRLFAN Member Member

    Good selections there I must agree "The prestige" is very good as well as an excellent film.
  17. bushell44

    bushell44 Member Member

    Best blu-rays Avatar, Dark knight rises, tron Legacy, prometheus, all 3 transformers,
    old classics include Jaws, Zulu, lawrence of arabia & the italian job
  18. thedemise

    thedemise Member Member

    Ratatouille looks pretty awesome and I show this one to anyone who hasn't watched HD yet.
  19. tuter

    tuter Member Member

    any harry potter movie. chamber of secrets a personal favorite.
  20. soilwork

    soilwork Member Member

    have to say avatar it looks awesome...

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