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Discussion in 'Technology' started by khbg12006, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. wormraper

    wormraper Freshman Scanner

    Taiyo Yuden is by far the best, however surprisingly enough Memorex has been releasing some good quality stuff in the last 2 years. They have definitely been improving and they are as cheap as hell
  2. enrage13

    enrage13 New Member Member

    I used to use the Taiyo Yuden discs but I had too many issues with playback. So i went back to Sony dvd-r's and Prodisc Dvd-r.
    I always burn at 4x so it wasn't an issue with my burner. The old Taiyo Yuden discs were great i.e TY01,TY02 but the TY03's are crap IMO
  3. stedaman

    stedaman New Member Member

    Taiyo yuden is the best, with verbatim 2nd.

    However Verbatims work better for me.

    I wouldnt use anything else.

    Cheap media is asking for trouble.
  4. mjcovers

    mjcovers New Member Member

    I use verbatin dvd-r (printable discs)
    dvd shrink to copy big size dvd
    dvd decrypter to copy and burn 4G dvds
    I burn them at 2.4X
  5. hopester

    hopester New Member Member

    I tend to stick with TYs or verbatim, but saying that the mcc dye verbatim use has gone downhill now its made by 3rd parties under the same mcc name.
  6. Sphinx

    Sphinx New Member Member

    i use verbatim, since TY are quite hard to find here
  7. RyFranzese24

    RyFranzese24 New Member Member

    I had been using Nero for a long time and sometimes it was sufficient. Most of the time is would not encode right and was more trouble than good. I recently got DivxToDVD from VSO Software. Works amazingly and is by far the easiest product I've used. Works for avi and mpeg. It's very good.
  8. Osjur

    Osjur New Member Member

    Verbatim is the way to go. Other one is Taiyo Yuden. Both are maybe the best media discs I have ever burned. PIF / PI errors are extremely low. of course your dvd writer matters also so if you have very old dvd writer, it will not produce as good burns as the new ones. Maybe the best writers around are liteon for it's third party support (all kind of nice tools and things) and samsung for it's quality (burns are excellent).

    I am not the fan of lg writers because they broke easily and most do not produce as nearly good burns as samsung or liteon (this of course doesnt mean all lg writers are bad).
  9. razorfinis

    razorfinis New Member Member

    i use

    I have 3 burns a 2 sony and one nec and i use Verbatims. I never have a problem.
  10. cole46_51

    cole46_51 Freshman Scanner

    software wise i use anyDVD and cloneDVD2

    and as far as media, i would use verbatim, but still cost to much, i use ridata/ritek DVD+R and there dual layers and have never had an issue with them playing on pc or home dvd player (sony DVP-NS70H)
  11. eraseXtheXdoubt

    eraseXtheXdoubt Freshman Member

    been using Verbatim for a while myself...
  12. ipecac

    ipecac New Member Member

    Taiyo Yeden (tyg03) by far the best can found them also as Thats Taiyo Yeden
  13. enrage13

    enrage13 New Member Member

    I've switched from Taiyo yuden back to Sony DVD-r's. Maybe the value line for taiyo yuden has gone downhill, but ive had too many playback issues.
  14. djhmetfan2

    djhmetfan2 New Member Member

    I use SONY+Rs
  15. streetwise

    streetwise New Member Member

    T.Y ( Taiyo Yuden ) are THE questions about that one. Verbatim are a close 2nd... If your looking for a budget disc PIOdata with Ritek G05 are a good choice.
  16. ipecac

    ipecac New Member Member

    Dvd shrink sucks...if you need to make the DVD5 use dvd-rebuilder with Cinema craft encoder or HC encoder.
    Otherwise make an ISO with dvd-decrypter combined with ripit4me
    Burn them with the latest nero and use Taiyo Yuden DVD+R or -R ceramic coated. Dont burn them at high speed..x8 or x 12 should be fine...
  17. magla

    magla New Member Member

    For DVD copy, DVD Decrypter. About media, no doubt at all. One and only Verbatim
  18. fossybaer

    fossybaer New Member Member

    i tested some DVD-r from platinium over intenso to verbatim an only the the verbatim dvd are the money worth.
  19. Dev

    Dev Member Member

    Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim are clearly at the top from my personal experience, especially in 8x form. The newer 16X speed quality has become less certain, however, but still better than anything else. There's a lot of talk about this at CDFreaks. You not only have to consider country of manufacture, but have to check hub codes for better/worse batches of discs.

    Maxell, Sony, and TDK were once sure bets for quality, but no longer. Sony seems to still put out OK stuff in 16X form under its own manufacture ID. So If you can't find TY or Verb but you can get Sony you'll be OK.
  20. Belcebu

    Belcebu New Member Member

    You can buy Taiyo Yuden media at for very very cheap. I have been using Phillips lately because a store near me had a sale 100 dvd-r for $24.00

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