Best Blu-Ray burner on the market is.....?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by phatpatt, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. phatpatt

    phatpatt New Member Member

    Lookin to buy a new blu-ray burner what would be the best one out right now? anyone have any experience in burning blu rays?
  2. qazwsx

    qazwsx New Member Member

    I think it's maybe pioneer.
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  3. ApolloOne

    ApolloOne Site Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    I've used Pioneer's 205 and 206 models with no problems. In fact, I've been using Pioneer burners happily for 15 years, so I would never consider switching to another brand.
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  4. phatpatt

    phatpatt New Member Member

    how long would it take to burn a bluray movie? at max speeds and at safe speeds? lets say a 30gig file...
  5. zhao1984

    zhao1984 Member Member

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  6. nenadxx

    nenadxx Member Member

    Maybe LG
  7. tkboxer

    tkboxer Member Designer

    I have a LG model WH14NS40 bluray burner and I am very happy with it. Paid around $80.
    Takes on average about 30 minutes to burn a BDR-25.
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  8. GeorelloG

    GeorelloG Member Member

    I have to say Pioneers are quite good.
  9. zhao1984

    zhao1984 Member Member

    Pioneers s08
  10. SG1_FAN

    SG1_FAN Member Member

    Pioneer 208 bought mine 2 yrs. ago,never let me down.
  11. Jitterbuggin

    Jitterbuggin Member Member

    I'm not familiar with Blu-ray burners. I had a burner in my pc, but I could never get them to play on my tv Blu-ray player. What's the secret????
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  12. dukelovers99

    dukelovers99 Member Restricted

    I have an LG burner and have never had any trouble with it at all. Burns bd25 in about 11 minutes and bd50 in about 23.
  13. GeorelloG

    GeorelloG Member Member

    I currently have an LG BH14NS40 that cannot read its own discs burnt not so long ago. The Pioneer drive can read them, but not the drive that I burnt them with. Go figure. I have updated to the latest firmware, and just about tried everything.

    I have to say, you get you pay for....

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