Basket Case 2

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    BASKET CASE 2 (1990)
    I remember being disappointed with this when I first viewed it and revisiting it nearly 20 years later brings about the same feeling. The film picks up right where the first one left of with Duane Bradley (Kevin Van Hentenryck) being attacked by his mutant brother and falling out the window of his Times Square flophouse. Naturally, this is big news and Granny Ruth (Annie Ross), a friend of Duane's aunt, goes to rescue him from the hospital. She brings the duo back to her mansion where she houses a variety of freaks.
    Frank Henenlotter's follow-up is obviously a bigger affair with a nice budget from James Glickenhaus, but this sequel fails to pack the sleazy punch of the first film. Part of the problem for me is the other freaks. They are just too corny and, I can't believe I am saying this, unrealistic. I can accept a mutated mass of flesh like Belial. But a guy with 27 noses or a huge mouth that sings opera? Too much. I do applaud Henenlotter for bringing Van Hentenryck back and Ross is good as Ruth. My favorite character though is freak show owner Lyle Barker (Jan Saint). He is the only one who carries over that air of realistic sleaze from the first film. "Trash, low life, scum!"
    That all said, Synapse's new disc is great. The movie looks fantastic and there are two nice featurettes about the film. One features FX man Gabe Bartalos talking about the film (with Henenlotter and Glickenhaus popping up) and the other is an interview with David Emge (Flyboy from DOTD), who plays Moonface.

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