Avi-DVD including menu?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Zoekie, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Zoekie

    Zoekie New Member Member

    When converting a tv-show from avi to DVD I use ConvertXtoDVD. The program is easy to use and gives a rudimentary menu. I have several movies in the avi-format which I like to put on one DVD: 5 or 6 movies on one DVD is easy on my shelf-capacity and some movies are just good enough to own in the avi-format.
    What bugs me, though, is that I cannot find a program which stores the movies on the disc as avi AND includes a simple menu. I like to have a menu, not just a list of titles which my player shows me.
    Does anyone know of a program which does just that: show a menu by which I can choose the avi I want to see?
  2. manwithaplan

    manwithaplan New Member Member

    Nero Express will do that for you, and you can create your own menus too :D
  3. Blake

    Blake New Member Member

    Yep Nero vision does a great job aswell
  4. KingFire

    KingFire New Member Member

    Yeah Nero can do it for you. but most(all) DVD players will not recognize the menu for your avi's. you'd probably only see it on your PC.

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