Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman

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    Directed by Nathan Juran. Stars Allison Hayes, William Hudson, Yvette Vickers, Roy Gordon. This awful Allied Artists science fiction cheapie has achieved quite a cult following, most likely because of its surprising sexual subtext and its delicious poster showing a scantily clad Allison Hayes straddling a freeway and tossing cars. Of course, nothing nearly that memorable actually happens in the film, which stars the buxom Hayes as Nancy Archer, a former mental patient who is turned into a giant by an alien in a huge Ping-Pong ball. Who knows why, but her new 50-foot size makes it easy for her to seek revenge upon her unfaithful husband (Hudson) and his voluptuous mistress (Vickers). Scenes of the gigantic Hayes tearing down power lines and reaching into tiny buildings while shouting "Harry!" have to be seen to be believed. The special effects range from awful to amusing. Adolescent boys seeing this for the first time in the '50s must have had many fantasies about Hayes and Vickers, who more or less steals the picture with her wild dancing and form-fitting dresses. Juran disliked the picture, probably because of the shoddy effects work, and slapped his pseudonym “Nathan Hertz” on the credits. Also with George Douglas, Frank Chase, Ken Terrell and Mike Ross as the stupid-looking monster in what appears to be Roman gladiator duds. Ronald Stein’s musical score is quite good and is available on compact disc (I have one).

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