Assignment terror (1970)

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    Directed by Tulio Demicheli and Hugo Fregonese. Stars Michael Rennie, Karin Dor, Paul Naschy, Patty Shepard, Craig Hill. This wacky European monster mash was one of Rennie’s final films and is sort of a remake of Universal’s HOUSE OF DRACULA/HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN. A very loose one. Aliens Rennie and Dor are the first wave of an invasion force that plans to resurrect famous monsters to dominate the human race. Using super-science, they revive a mummy, a vampire (not Count Dracula, as is often reported), a Frankenstein-like monster, and Waldemar Daninsky (Naschy, who also wrote the film), a werewolf. Briskly paced and confusingly dubbed, this international hodge-podge (financed by Italian, German and Spanish companies) of colors, rock music and violent action is dumb, but mostly entertaining. Some territories released it as DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN, even though the two monsters (which aren’t named that anyway) never meet. The “wolfman” does some monster fighting though, as the sensitive Daninsky, with the support of Lisa (Shepard), manages to fight the aliens’ influence and do the “right thing”.

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