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    APOCALYPTO (2006)
    Saw this today. I found it to be a well made adventure movie that's more about one young man's desperate return to the wife and child he had to hide when a vicious tribe attacks his people and takes them away. At points, we get some looks at ancient Mayan culture, complete with a teeming city that's topped by an extremely high temple where blood sacrifices are performed by savvy priests who know how to mix astrology and showmanship into a way to keep the people praying at their doorstep.
    It's all beautifully shot, and has a great sound mix, in that it's the subtle noises of the jungle one hears and not the usual boom and bang of modern films. I never had an issue with the subtitles, as Mayan is not a language that's spoken so fast that one can't keep up, and the film isn't a gabfest. Though why the "F" word is inserted, is beyond me. It did get a chuckle out of the audience, so perhaps that was the intention.
    As for the gore that the media is trying to make big thing out of, Oh please. It's no worse then any other R rated adventure film, with the exception of a few gory shots and one scene that reminded me of Kozure Ôkami .
    If you've sat through BRAVEHEART, or GLADIATOR, or any Paul Verhoeven films, then you'll have no issues with the blood sacrifices shown.
    What was nice to see was an action film that takes the time to show character depth from all sides, even the bad guys. You get to know people, and to care a little for them. So, when horrible things happen, you don't feel that disconnection that often comes with modern films.
    I liked it.
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