Angels With Dirty Faces

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    [TD]Title: Angels With Dirty Faces

    Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

    Director: Michael Curtiz

    Plot: In New York, the boys Rocky Sullivan and Jerry Connelly are best friends and small time thieves. After a robbery, Rocky is arrested and sent to a reformatory school, where he begins his criminal career. Jerry escapes and later becomes a priest. After three years in prison, Rocky is released and demands the return of $100,000 deposited with his Solicitor - prior to his jail term.[/TD]
    [/TABLE][HR][/HR]I don't know if there are any old movie buffs out there, but this one is a classic with James Cagney, Pat O'Brian, the Dead End Kids and Humphry Bogart. Two young thugs break into a train car, get busted and try to get away. One gets caught, goes to reform school and continues into a life of crime. The other gets away and becomes a priest. A group of young gang members (the Dead End Kids) idolize the hood while the priest tries to keep them from turning to a life of crime and following in his old friend's footsteps. This is a classic James Cagney gangster movie. I never tire of watching it. I wouldn't say these are spoilers, because all of this is happening at the beginning of the movie. The rest you have to see for yourselves. If you like old black and white classics, this is a must see.

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