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    ALLIGATOR (1980)
    Directed by Lewis Teague. Stars Robert Forster, Robin Riker. John Sayles penned this tongue-in-cheek “what if” horror movie set in the Midwest. As in, “what if those urban legends about gators in the sewers were true.“ The always reliable Forster stars as a police detective investigating a series of mysterious disappearances set in and around the sewer system. Not that anyone believes him, but he soon discovers the cause: a baby alligator (named Ramon) which was flushed down a toilet ten years earlier and has grown to immense size, thanks to the various wastes flowing around down there. Obviously inspired by JAWS (or more likely PIRANHA, which also was penned by Sayles), ALLIGATOR is great fun, mixing action, horror and laughs, and held together by Forster’s solid performance. Pretty Riker does fine as the love interest, and cult-movie fans will get a kick out seeing Dean Jagger, Henry Silva, Sydney Lassick and Jack Carter getting munched on. Also with Angel Tompkins, Michael V. Gazzo, Bart Braverman, Perry Lang and Sue Lyon. Teague did FIGHTING BACK next.

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