Alien Lover

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    ALIEN LOVER (1975)
    Directed by Lela Swift. Stars Kate Mulgrew, Pernell Roberts, Susan Brown, John Ventantonio. ABC aired this videotaped TV-movie as part of its late-night WIDE WORLD MYSTERY series. 20-year-old Mulgrew (STAR TREK: VOYAGER) made her television debut as Susan, a teenaged orphan who comes to live with her aunt and uncle (Brown and Roberts) after two years in a sanitarium. Feeling alone with no friends and nervous about her new living situation, Susan becomes friendly with Marc (Ventantonio), a handsome young man who appears to her on a broken old TV set in the attic. Marc claims to live in an alternate dimension adjacent to ours, and that his people are working on technology that will allow them to cross over. Of course, no one in Susan’s family believes her story about a boy who talks to her through a busted television set, and when the family cat is killed and Susan’s cousin vanishes in quick succession, one begins to wonder whether Susan is having another mental breakdown. While the performances are professional enough (Mulgrew is particularly winsome here), the story is too slight for its 74-minute running time and isn’t aided by Swift’s soap-opera direction that limits most of the action to two rooms. Okay, we won’t blame the director (a DARK SHADOWS alum) for ABC’s thin budget, but she and the writer have to take the hit for ALIEN LOVER’s too-brief ending, which is both confusing and promising of something better to come. Swift, one of network TV’s few female directors of the era, also made NIGHTMARE AT 43 HILLCREST and other movies for WIDE WORLD MYSTERY.

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