Alfred Hitchcock Colletion cover rejected

Discussion in 'Rejection Reasons' started by Hailstorm, Oct 20, 2016.

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    3445 x 2175 is not an accepted cover size for a 10 disc case on the site right now, but Viva-Elite has redesigned their DVD cases to match their Blu-ray cases for disc quantities, which means 1 -3 Disc's in one size, 4 -6 Disc's in another and 7 - 10 Disc's in the larger case. So has any site established the correct size since the spine measurements will be different, but the front and back pages will most likely remain the same. So far I have seen 3440, 3445 and 3450, so once the sites establish a standard size it will be added to the sites accepted sizes. I do have a 7, 8 and 10 disc case on hand, working on getting a correct cover size with those. Hope that they start selling them soon on the replacement case sites.

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