Aeon Flux

Discussion in 'DVD talk' started by essexmale30, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. essexmale30

    essexmale30 New Member Member

    Has anyone seen Aeon Flux yet? I am wondering how good it is or bad?
  2. Logic7

    Logic7 New Member Member

    I'm waiting to rent it.
  3. slease

    slease New Member Member

    I thought it was great, it received horrible reviews though.
  4. bahgee

    bahgee New Member Member

    Yeah, probably a rental for me too.
  5. dazman

    dazman Guest

    yes its not bad but its not that good
  6. backofthepack

    backofthepack New Member Member

    any movie Charlize Theron is in I'm in for, although I wait until they come out on DVD. Fell in love with her after watching Reindeer Games.
  7. DeaDLocK

    DeaDLocK Guest

    I also like Charlize Theron... Monster was what got me into her movies.
    Not Seen Aeon Flux yet think I may DL screener at somepoint before I decide to buy.
  8. kizo1

    kizo1 Member Member

    not a great movie entertaining none the less.
  9. darmok

    darmok Member Designer

    I saw it last week & thought it was pretty good.
    But now, a week on, I cant actually remeber anything about it ........

    What does that say about it .......
  10. wcarao

    wcarao New Member Member

    Heard it was bad but I will still get the DVD. I'll watch anything with Charlize Theron.
  11. andyblac

    andyblac New Member Member

    i have seen worse, but it is not that good either. Charlize is just not that good an actress IMO, it would have been better with someone like Uma Thurman, but having said that see is easy on the eyes :).
  12. looking forward to seeing it on dvd, i like her. the movie still of her bent over with her legs spread was my desktop image for months. i'll watch it just for her. the cartoon was kinda wierd, but if the movie can keep my attention for 2 hours it will be worth while
  13. Son_Of_Odin

    Son_Of_Odin Guest

    I quite enjoyed it myself. Quite an entertaining movie :)
  14. VerZeLe

    VerZeLe Guest

    The trailer i saw was not bad but i think it's going to be a verry catchy movie
  15. junglejim

    junglejim Guest

    i enjoyed it great film

  16. Daliah_Lavi

    Daliah_Lavi New Member Member

    I thought it was hystercally banal. I laughed my ass off several times.
    And I agree with it being easy on the eyes.

    One Man's turkey is another's dinner!
  17. movieman

    movieman Sophomore Scanner

    cant' whatt till aeon comes out

  18. marnie

    marnie Guest

    very entertaining definately a movie for those who like Sci-Fi and/or have a massive TV/projector etc.....
  19. woodnotes

    woodnotes New Member Member

    I thought it was awful - it is so rediculous that I just laughed all the way through it - I'm surprised Charlize didn't too.

    It's a shame to see films like this taking themselves too seriously. Gone are the days with black satirical humour from directors like Paul Verhoven - go and re-watch Total Recall or Robocop!
  20. Nilsenator

    Nilsenator New Member Member

    Aah men this movie is awfully bad. Check it out on
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