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Discussion in 'DVD Cover Requests' started by ctaulbee, May 16, 2011.

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    Be nice make one or two requests at a time and see how that goes, posting a huge number all at once will likely get you nothing as most view that as you thinking you are owed something and that you are very needy. Just saying this to help you, remember this is all voluntary here so you don't want to come off as a very demanding person.

    1. Search, make sure it's not already Requested or already here.

    2. One Film Per Thread, add a new thread for each request.

    What to put in the Title:

    Film Name ( - Season, Trilogy, Criterion etc), BR or DVD, Scan Custom or Either, Label.

    Should look like one of these:

    Red BR Either
    Red DVD Either

    Red BR Custom
    Red DVD Custom

    Red BR Scan
    Red DVD Scan

    Red BR Either Label
    Red DVD Either Label

    Red BR Custom Label
    Red DVD Custom Label

    Red BR Scan Label
    Red DVD Scan Label

    TV - Collections etc Examples:
    House - Season 1 BR Custom
    House - Season 1-3 BR Custom

    Blade - Trilogy BR Custom
    Harry Potter Collection BR Custom (List the films in the post)

    In the body of the post you can put whatever extra info you want.

    Bottom line I should be able to scan the thread list and know what is Requested, any post not meeting this guide line is subject to be deleted.

    The default for this will be a DVD Cover either custom or scanned if you don't specify, so if you only enter a title expect one of those.

    3. Don't Bump the Thread or it will be deleted.

    4. After six months any requests that have not been filled will be subject to deletion, If you like you can re-enter it, but if it hasn't happened in six months, it likely won't.

    5. Posts other than serious questions about the request will be treated as spamming as will the poster.

    6. Last, let us know if you get it, just a quick post; filled, got it, or don't need it, post in the thread will be fine, after all it is for"your" benefit so you need to manage it, if you don't want to do this, then just do the right thing and don't post one.

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  2. ctaulbee

    ctaulbee Demigod Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

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