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    Simple to use - Fade the layer to a percentage (pre-faded to about 65%), add as many layers as you want to work on (keeping the faded template layer on top). The both sides are coloured (I have added guide-lines to all the templates to help centre and align everything) and the spine is transparent so that you can see what you are doing with regard to alignment of that etc.

    In three versions, as was my old set.
    PSP (Paint Shop Pro) - contained in two separate zip files, DVD and Blu-ray
    PSD (photoshop) - contained in two separate zip files, DVD and Blu-ray
    PNG for those who use neither PSP or Photoshop. (all contained in one zip file)

    All are at 300dpi (though the PNG states 118 which is pixels per centimetre (the same as 300dpi) but after making the cover you might want to convert it to save as 300dpi. In older versions of PSP you can do this by choosing the resize option. Within the pop-up dialogue - select the 'Actual Size' option - and replace the 118.000 with 300 making sure the drop-down box adjacent is set to cm/pix. After exiting this save it and it will be 300dpi.

    NOTE: For templates that have odd numbered sizes so that the front, back and spine cannot add up to the required width I have kept the back and front to the right proportions and added one pixel onto the spine. It is the only way to make them the correct size. 2 examples: 3189x1762 (170 spine) (3-4 Disc) 15.8mm Vortex Case and 3305 x 1762 (248 spine) (5-6 Disc) 21.8mm Vortex Case. This one pixel should not be noticeable after printout.

    Here is the supported list:

    I -6 Disc Case 14mm 3240 X 2175 (170 spine)
    5 - 6 Disc Case 3370 X 2175 (300 Spine)
    7 - 8 Disc Case 3395 X 2175 (325 Spine)
    9 -10 Disc Case 3460 X 2175 (390 Spine)
    11 -12 Disc Case 3520 X 2175 (450 Spine)
    13 -14 Disc Case 3578 X 2175 (508 Spine)
    Thinpak Case 7mm 3150 X 2175 (80 Spine)
    Thinpak Case 9mm 3180 X 2175 (110 Spine)

    BD 3118 x 1748 (143 spine) (1-3 Disc) 12.5mm Viva Elite Case - Preferred
    BD 3142 x 1748 (165 spine) (4-6 Disc) 15mm Viva Elite Case
    BD 3173 x 1762 (127 spine) (1-2 Disc) 11mm Vortex Case - Preferred
    BD 3189x1762 (170 spine) (3-4 Disc) 15.8mm Vortex Case
    BD 3260 x 1748 (284 Spine) (7-10 Disc) 25mm Viva Elite Case
    BD 3305 x 1762 (248 spine) (5-6 Disc) 21.8mm Vortex Case

    1500 x 1500

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