8 Covers and 2 Labels REJECTED

Discussion in 'Rejection Reasons' started by Hailstorm, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Hailstorm

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    The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy covers, The Illusionist cover, Iron-man cover plus two Lord Of The Rings Labels.

    I would HIGHLY recommend reading the rules and FAQ's in the forums before uploading any items or art work to the site.
    The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy covers you posted have been on the site since 2009, plus you posted them twice which renders them useless, labels will not be bigger then 1500 x 1500 DPI, the title of what you are posting goes in the Title block, not your name, plus the site requires that a search be conducted prior to uploading any work to the site which I know was not done prior to your uploading to the site. The only item to be placed in the description block is Custom or Scan, the only exception is the posting of space-saver covers, the movie titles are usually listed in the description block.

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