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  1. alhitman

    alhitman Member Member

    300 is cool.
    a kind of movie we never see before.
  2. alhitman

    alhitman Member Member

    a story about 300 spartans against hundred of thousand persian soldiers.
    the director did say that 300 is not a historical re-telling of battle of thermopylae. it's an opera of the battle more than a time machine version of it.
  3. BlackWatch

    BlackWatch Sophomore Member

    300 is an awsome movie really done well. The visuals were just cool. While there are some slow parts, the pace of the movie was good. It could be longer, as the ending felt a little rushed (I wonder what was left on the editing floor). Not as good as Braveheart, but nothing is.

    As for never seen before, a smaller force vs overwhelming odds. How about;

    Independence Day
    Black Hawk Down
    Star Wars
    Matrix Revolutions

    and that was just off the top of my head. If you are speaking of just visually, I agree. But, this genre of movie has been done before. And the technology wasn't up to par back then.
  4. JupiterPrime

    JupiterPrime New Member Designer

    While I have no doubt that I will most like enjoy this movie, I was originally hoping for more of a historical account rather then a theaterization of yet another graphic novel.

    Dont get me wrong, Frank Miller is the bomb, but a historical retelling of the actual subject matter would have been a good notch on the "original" belt for hollywood and some director rather than just another one on the "remake" column.
  5. BlackWatch

    BlackWatch Sophomore Member

    Sad thing is, that while it's a great movie, it's not one of those that are essential to watch on the big screen. The effects aren't overdone and do not overwhelm the movie.
  6. Paper Pills

    Paper Pills Sophomore Designer

    i tend to agree with blackwatch on this one.

    i saw it in imax and after having time to think about it...it wasn't worth the extra $5 for the imax ticket. the effects which i thought were not going to be good based on the trailer, were ok, but it wasn't the best effects i've seen in recent trips to the movies.
  7. Tzen

    Tzen New Member Member

    Is it even worth seeing non-Imax films on an Imax screen? How do they do it?

    I got to see this at what I think was a digital theater, and I disagree with you guys. This movie needs to be seen in the theater for maximum enjoyment, unless you have a really great home theater setup. The plot kind of takes a back seat to the visuals, so enjoy them to their fullest while you can.

    I thought the ending was a bit too long. The scene with the queen in the wheat field at the end was ridiculously long.
  8. miketardis

    miketardis Sophomore Member

    Just Saw It

    The kind of movie that's destined to be overrated by some, underrated by others; this is a perfectly decent, straightforward attempt at filming the story. Wasn't there a movie made of this in the late fifties or early sixties? I haven't seen it, but I'll bet you anything that one and this one are pretty much the same.
    Well, except for the splashy CGI effects, spurting blood, severed heads, lesbian belly dancers, love scenes, semi-rape scene, varied grotesqueries at various points, and a sexually ambiguous Xerxes. All of that to one side, this is a pretty traditional trumpeting of the masculine verities: loyalty, strength, honor, courage, male comradeship, etc.
    Not that there's anything wrong with that: hell, I wish there were more movies like this, not less. And I think it'll do pretty well: I went to an 11:00 am showing and it was a pretty crowded theater; I suspect all of the testosterone wasn't the main draw with the audience I went with.
    I've long thought that part of Hollywood's problem is that they don't understand, right now, what people want to see. If 300 does well, as I think it will, maybe somebody somewhere will get a clue and green light some more projects in this fashion.
    My personal problem with 300 is the CGI production design. I hate to sound like Grampa Mike who can't get with what the kids are doing, but I don't like it. I didn't like it in SIN CITY and I like it even less here.
    SIN CITY after all was a story that was impossible to take seriously: it was camp, or pretty close to it, Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba pole dancing to one side. Impossible to take seriously. I didn't like the whole CGI design, but I sort of dismissed it as part of the camp value.
    But 300 wants to be taken seriously, and I wanted, at points, to take 300 seriously, and I found the fussy production design got in the way. I thought it was purposefully distancing. One illustrative example:


    When I saw the rhino charging the Spartans I didn't think "Oh, Jesus, what are these guys going to do?"; instead I found myself wondering about how long it took to cook that creature up in the computer, and whether the spear was real at all or whether that was completely fake as well.


    Should you go see it? If you think you'll like it you probably will, it's that kind of movie. The promos and trailer capture the spirit of the thing very well; if it appeals to you you'll like it.
    I'd also recommend it to a second camp (and I include myself here, more, frankly), and that's people who are just interested in action movies as a genre. If you are, you should really check this out, because I think for once the hype is right, this is the future of at least some action cinema. For better or worse. (Or better AND worse, ha ha.)
    If you do plan on seeing it, try to see it in the theater: like SIN CITY the production design really is the star of the show, and unless you're one of those guys with a real first class home studio system (and I know there are some here, you can ignore this) you'll miss the impact on the small screen.
  9. wezel19

    wezel19 New Member Member

    300 - was excellent - Brutal - Bloody - Brillent.

    To answer the questions of a historical account Hollywood never takes history serioulsy - braveheart to give an example is full of things which are not inaquarate but jst flat out wrong. In this terms historical account is more like Gladiator and Alexander - its a style of film rather then a true account of things that happened.

    300 is in the vein of Sin City and was a good use of the format.
  10. Schylling

    Schylling Sophomore Member

  11. streetwise

    streetwise New Member Member

    thought it was OK but nothing special.
  12. zodicus

    zodicus New Member Member

    thot this film was amazing....even tho i was a little blazed watching it. VERY GOOD WATCH
  13. ctaulbee

    ctaulbee Demigod Moderator Staff Member Site Staff

    Agreed one of the better films I have seen this year, worth a look if you like this type of movie.
  14. GillMan

    GillMan Member Member

    I really am looking forward to seeing this. I was gonna go see it on the big screen, but i'll just wait and get the dvd. Looks to be awesome tho.
  15. henrikes

    henrikes New Member Member


    I am a huge fan of the work of Frank Miller, the 300 graphic novel is so amasing that i was affraid the movie would be another bad comic adaptation..... I was wrong :)
    Loved the movie....
  16. klose

    klose New Member Member

    i like many shot , so art
  17. Laura

    Laura New Member Member

    Thought the movie was great! Loved the special effects, amazing really. And to think it was filmed indoors.. or so i'm told...

    AQUA-BEAVER New Member Member

    I thougt it was a amazing movie to, great efects, but the story was maybe a bit...hm.. well not to deep, but great morvie anyway. Looking forward for the HD release:D
  19. Belcebu

    Belcebu New Member Member

    I thought it was pretty good but all the CGI threw me off a bit. I'll probably buy it in the future.
  20. Dutt

    Dutt New Member Member

    Hey , my first words in this forum, but about the movie 300, liked it alot, good movie. ;)

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