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Dec 15, 2016
Jul 14, 2004
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Dec 15, 2016
    1. wolfeman
      I am get redirect to "Unable to connect to database [Unknown database 'r1dbxf_final']
      when I try to download a cover for the last 4 days. Any help?
    2. nazim555
      Hi there! I uploaded covers, they were downloaded more than 12 times, and instead of 36 credits I got only 3. Rules say 3 credit per download. Can you answer please?
    3. MakinaGraphics®
      shit like me steal all the covers and I do not accept them if they are of top quality covers have a worse climb on this site to other sites as customaniacs and accept that hurts abusing this way
    4. betorueda
      I can not make my payment by credit card American Express sends me error
      there is a problem with your payment sitema
      I hope your answer
    5. Darth Slater
      Darth Slater
      omg it took 6 years but you finally past me in "posts" lol lol
      1. jayhawk
        mine are all automated :)
        Nov 6, 2015
      2. Darth Slater
        Darth Slater
        lol so your saying I obviously have no life, and to be # 2 on the site with not having been here daily like i was from 2005-2009 lol ouch ! lol
        Nov 11, 2015
    6. hae
      help please.
    7. betorueda
      I can not make my payment by credit card American Express sends me error
      there is a problem with your payment sitema
      I hope your answer
    8. hae
      hello. i have credits but when i try to dld it says i have 0. i've been dlding for a couple of months so it's not the introduction thing. can you please help me out? thanks.
    9. BabyGirl21
      I have a question why does it say this to me when I upload blu-ray covers (You do not have permission to view the images in this category.) after I am done.
    10. lenny
      I made payment with my cc and it still will not let me download ?????

      thanks ,, lenny
    11. lenny
      tried to upgrade my account when I click on bitcon it goes to a dead page ??? please advise
    12. DiffrentDrumr
      I receive emails that cover I post have been tagged. They say "You will need to view your cover and approve the tag(s) for them to display". Maybe I'm being dense but I don't see where or how I'm supposed to approve it. Could you please let me know how? It might be right in front of my eyes but I don't see it. Thank you.
    13. MakinaGraphics®
      hello when I upload labels not let me change category only leaves me uploaded
    14. Flarpen
      I can´t upload anymore, why?
    15. rzrtje
      Can you delete my account? rzrtje is my loginname.

    16. Flarpen
      My credits just dissapeared (i didn't do anything)??? will u please fix it!
    17. Torben Riemann Nielsen
      Torben Riemann Nielsen
      i Buy Credits TORBEN R. NIELSEN

      Anvendt den: 09.11.2014

      Beløb: 97,57 DKK

      Forretningsnavn: NOTBUSY

      Posteringstekst: 09.11.14 NOTBUSY
      16,00 USD kurs: 609,812500

      Bogføringsdato: 12.11.2014

      Valørdato: 12.11.2014
    18. restingbird37
      Is it possible to have my account deleted? It is a duplicate, unused account.
    19. TheLazenby
      I'm having a lot of problems since I started using the site yesterday - my privileges (such as visible credit counter and ability to upload) appear and disappear seemingly at random! At this point, I can't even make a post.
    20. bigdogdeee
      Hi Jay, I'm sorry to ask you the question personally, but i can't seem to figure out where my credits went when the site changed. I'm also showing as a restricted member even though I've re-introduced myself on the forum, and am more than willing to pay for more credits as well, but am struggling to navigate bitcoin. Is there anything you can do to help? Thanks so much for your time.
      1. jayhawk
        credits acquired through subscription or given away were removed (since you can't buy subscriptions --there's no use in leaving them there). You have member now, it takes a while to update-it does it every so often.
        Aug 10, 2014
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