Disorganized Crime

  1. Disorganized Crime

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    Disorganized Crime

    37th of 45 new scans using suggestions and help from members of this site. this cover was a blue level nightmare. I ended up having to break it down into parts and rebuild it in a template after everything bled together. isn't perfect but as good as it's likely going to get. enjoy.

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      Date: Thu July 21, 2005
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      Dimensions: 3240 x 2175

      Overview: Lou Diamond Phillips and Fred Gwynne team up with a gang of professional criminals who have everything it takes to rob a bank. The only things they do have going for them are a cop and his partner, who are dumber than they are! By the time the gang hits the bank vault, it's a safe bet there's going to be organized insanity and disorganized crime!
      Trakt.tv url: http://trakt.tv/movie/disorganized-crime-1989
      Year: 1989
      ImdbID: 97211
      Aritist: boynotori